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My Real Estate Diary

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In My Real Estate Diary I share with you what I have learned when it comes to looking for Real Estate in New York. you will learn about what kind of loan do you need to purchase a home. What to look for when dealing with Real Estate Agents. Why you should stay away from housing auctions.The best area's to look for houses. How much down payment money you're going to need to purchase your first or second house. This book gives you the true real estate experience from a person who has seen the good, bad and ugly side of New York Real Estate.

Global Corporate Real Estate Management

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Written for corporate real estate managers, this is a comprehensive practical guide to the selection, management, and disposal of corporate real estate properties in both the home and foreign countries. The author focuses on the management of the real assets of U.S.-based multinationals, although the discussion can be applied to multinational company management of worldwide real estate regardless of headquarters country. Among the key topics addressed are the ways in which a corporate real estate department can be most effectively organized, the need for computerization in the management of diverse properties in a variety of locations, leasing property, tax management, risk analysis and management, and real estate performance measurement. Throughout, the author includes details of the actual experiences of leading U.S. multinationals to illustrate the unique problems associated with various national and local real estate markets around the globe. Hines begins by offering some suggestions for corporate policy formulation aimed at guiding decisionmaking in the acquisition, development, and divestiture of property related to company operations. She addresses the lease-or-buy decision, demonstrating that the decision depends on the nature of the corporate real assets, the need for security, and the availability of funds. A separate chapter addresses the widely varying leasing conditions and terms that are encountered around the world. Since income, value-added, sales, withholding, and ad valorem property taxes affect country and site selections as well as company profitability, Hines provides an in-depth treatment of tax management from the perspective of the corporate real estate decisionmaker. Global real estate risk management also receives extended coverage. The final chapter shows how to measure real estate performance and demonstrates that global real estate holdings can and should be viewed as global portfolios with overall returns and risks--rather than as individual buildings with individual profit-and-loss profiles.

Chinese Real Estate Law

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The nineteen-nineties have seen a massive rebirth of the real estate industry in China. Although ownership of Chinese land is in theory restricted to the State and to agricultural collectives, in practice the concept of the 'right to use' land has evolved into a system of real estate law with many parallels in the West, including such familiar elements as mortgages, leases, zoning, liens and taxation. The difference lies in procedural requirements, and it is in this practical area that prospective foreign investors in Chinese real estate will most appreciate this informative and very useful book.Taking into account the Land Use Purpose Control System that went into effect in China on January 1, 1999, the authors of this book fully explain such important components of real estate development and use as the following: planning requirements; qualifying to obtain a land use right; fee requirements; registration procedures; taxes affecting real estate; bankruptcy provisions affecting real estate; landlord/tenant rights and duties in commercial leasing.They provide clear guidance through the complex web of administration and regulation at every government level, including the important role of the agricultural collectives in the expanding urban fringes. They analyze the areas of unsettled law--for example, tenant default remedies--that might create significant concern for Western investors, and offer recommendations that avoid pitfalls.

What Really Matters?

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In this short yet fascinating book, you will read about everything that is important or even critical to us turns out to be less and less important over time. We do not know what really matters in our lives.

One day, we are happy; by the next, we are sad or worried. When we are in a specific time, place, and condition, we think that certain issues are important and critical and assign them a "value."

You alone have the right to choose the best path to a peaceful and enjoyable life. You can be in any kind of position or have any level of income and be happy regardless of what goes around you.

If you have never given yourself time to think about your life and what you are doing, this is the right time to do so. This is the particular time that you can ask yourself if you are on the path that leads you to where you want to be and whether you are enjoying your life. Ask yourself if you have a forgotten passion that is burning inside you, a love for anything in this world that can take you to a higher level of energy and eagerness. Find your passion today, and decide to live a meaningful life that is free of fear.

Practicing Real Estate Investments In The New Millenium

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