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International Real Estate

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International Real Estate: Asia's Potential from a Research Perspective considers real estate market analysis in the context of economic theory pertaining to market disequilibria, utilizing data from major cities in Asia as case studies. This framework makes it possible to determine what really defines an Asian real estate sector: What is being measured? How does it behave (in terms of price and non-price factors)? How it is structured? How effectively does it achieve sustainable total returns? And how does it manage real estate market uncertainty?

Real estate market uncertainty originates from both the demand- and supply-side of the market. The market responds to structural macroeconomic and microeconomic factors that in turn are affected by related public policies. These elements interact to affect Asian real estate in unique ways since the Asian currency crisis in 1997. David Ho's analysis shows that while the details of real estate market analysis are different for the various Asian cities (and their real estate sectors) owing to their different stages of maturity, underlying principles nevertheless apply. He also looks at managing real estate market uncertainty at the portfolio level through the analytical techniques of real estate asset allocation, real estate value-at-risk(VaR), real option analysis and pricing.

Chinese Real Estate Law

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The nineteen-nineties have seen a massive rebirth of the real estate industry in China. Although ownership of Chinese land is in theory restricted to the State and to agricultural collectives, in practice the concept of the 'right to use' land has evolved into a system of real estate law with many parallels in the West, including such familiar elements as mortgages, leases, zoning, liens and taxation. The difference lies in procedural requirements, and it is in this practical area that prospective foreign investors in Chinese real estate will most appreciate this informative and very useful book.Taking into account the Land Use Purpose Control System that went into effect in China on January 1, 1999, the authors of this book fully explain such important components of real estate development and use as the following: planning requirements; qualifying to obtain a land use right; fee requirements; registration procedures; taxes affecting real estate; bankruptcy provisions affecting real estate; landlord/tenant rights and duties in commercial leasing.They provide clear guidance through the complex web of administration and regulation at every government level, including the important role of the agricultural collectives in the expanding urban fringes. They analyze the areas of unsettled law--for example, tenant default remedies--that might create significant concern for Western investors, and offer recommendations that avoid pitfalls.

Estate Planning For Married Couples

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This book is a step-by-step estate planning guide for married couples. There are individual chapters about estate plans for married couples with minor children; married couples with adult children; married couples without children and married couples with blended families. If you already have an estate plan, use the book to evaluate if your plan is up-to-date or if changes are necessary. Some of the topics included are: wills don't avoid probate; beneficiary designations supersede wills; a power of attorney terminates at your death; always name an alternate power of attorney; estate taxes (updated to reflect 2013 estate tax changes); a properly funded living trust will avoid probate; how to pick an estate planning attorney; and how a living trust differs from living wills. Forms There are no do-it-yourself legal forms, but there are 10 forms and checklists you can download (included in the price of the book) which make estate planning comprehensive, efficient and easy. A Personal Note from the Author "Although I've been an estate planning and probate attorney for 30 years, I'm really in the peace of mind business. Once your affairs are in order, you and your spouse will have made things as easy as possible for your family and you will achieve peace of mind. But there's an even better reason - when you have your affairs in order, you've also made things as easy as possible for your spouse."

Real Reel Fast

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This is the second installment of a series titled: Real Reel Fast. It is a thumb nail, birds eye view of the Stars of Hollywood, both Past and Present and presently what is to come.

Profile Of A Real Estate Agent

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