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My Home Renovation

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The whole idea for this book was born out of frustration from my own horror stories with contractors, as well as everybody else's that I have learned about. Plenty of people have told me about a bad incident they have experienced with a contractor, which could have been avoided if the customer had been more informed. Trashing home improvement contractors is not the intention of this book. In the construction business, you have some good contractors as well as bad. The main goal of this book is to educate homeowners on some of the finer points of hiring a home improvement contractor. Ask the average homeowner what he or she knows about blueprints, building codes, or home improvement contracts, and I am sure you will not get a lot of answers. This would be similar to someone asking me-an electrician-about investment banking or bond trading. If you're not in the business, then how would you know? Whether I am buying a car or planning to travel, I always do my research prior to making a decision. There is no such thing as getting too much information. Home renovation guides are very popular and ubiquitous. What distinguishes my book from all the others is the amount of detailed information I provide on the do's and don't's as well as the strategies to use and the pitfalls to avoid when hiring a home improvement contractor. The readers of my book will become educated about the tools needed to successfully hire a contractor, while attempting to minimize the aggravation and disappointment that frequently accompanies a great number of home renovations. When a homeowner decides to renovate his or her home, he or she can always find plenty of books on home renovations. Most of these books detail a lot of information on the ideas and designs, with very few details on hiring and working with a contractor. Another popular source for hiring a contractor is through recommendations. Once again, you hire the contractor, and it is up to you to make sure that the contractor is doing everything that they are supposed to do. Working in the construction business as an electrician in New York for more than two decades, I have been involved in many facets of the business of industrial, commercial, and residential construction and renovation, ranging from private homes to office buildings, airports, hotels, and hospitals. My vast knowledge and experience in the construction industry and as a homeowner gives me this enormous opportunity to exhibit the tools necessary for homeowners to successfully hire a general contractor to renovate their home.

An Exciting Journey Toward Your Dream Home

RRP $29.99

Many people want to own a home, but one thing or another prevents them from taking the necessary steps to make their dream a reality.

Others want to sell their home to move someplace that better suits their needs, but they aren't sure how to earn a profit on their investment or at least minimize their losses.

F.A. Shahid, who has spent a decade as a real estate professional, helps both groups achieve their objectives with this handbook that answers critical questions such as: What are the benefits of home ownership? Are there certain characteristics that make a home a good investment? How can you make the process of buying a home easier? What will happen to the value of real estate in the future?

Once you buy a home, however, your job isn't done: Shahid also provides a blueprint to help you beautify your home - whether it's decorating the interior or sprucing up the outside with landscaping.

Instead of backing away from what you want, it's time to get practical guidance and advice to accomplish your goals by embarking on "An Exciting Journey Toward Your Dream Home."

How To Survive A Home Purchase

RRP $13.99

Are you preparing to purchase a home for your family? Then here is the resource for you! No one who is even beginning to think in terms of a buying a home should be without it.You've saved a nice sized down payment. You've picked out a neighborhood with pleasant tree-lined streets and good schools. You've checked out all sorts of amenities. But now, the current real estate environment seems really scary. News sources are full of home purchasing horror stories. Foreclosures and short sales can turn a dream house into a nightmare. You're not the world's greatest DIYer, nor are you a financial wizard.How to Survive A Home Purchase outlines step-by-step how to walk through the potential mine fields of home ownership and come out on the other side as a real estate winner!

Buying Country Land

RRP $8.99

Since 1973, Storey's Country Wisdom Bulletins have offered practical, hands-on instructions designed to help readers master dozens of country living skills quickly and easily. There are now more than 170 titles in this series, and their remarkable popularity reflects the common desire of country and city dwellers alike to cultivate personal independence in everyday life.

Wayward Cat Finds A Home

RRP $16.99

Wayward Cat is a little cat with a big imagination! Wayward Cat was born to a stray cat in Mrs. Person's garage. Soon, he's off to the adoption center to find a new home. His chances of success are slim when no one wants him and he must go home with a volunteer. Can he convince his new housemate, Squeakers, to let him stay?


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